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Age of Marvel
I've been thinking and tinkering on this one for a while, adding as many MCU characters to the SDCC concept art for Age of Ultron. Now I felt like we got more than enough characters in the MCU, I definitely was holding off until the Defender premiered and we got good enough images of them. I was going to wait until Iron Fist got a costume and for a better picture of Captain Marvel (I may update this as time goes on) as well as add Cloak and Dagger when better action pictures become available. But with the recent announcement with X-Men and Fantastic Four returning I thought it best to post this before it gets really out of control. So I couldn't add every character I wanted. Really this reinforces why I'm okay with the TV and films not crossing over, it was tough to fit them all in one concept art let alone an actual narrative. It's also tough finding action shots, specially for the TV characters since there were a lot of high res resources and their fight scenes are pretty blurry frame by frame and lighting is almost never inline with the original concept art.

Even so I couldn't add every character so I had a set of standards that each character should reasonably meet. First: They are all superheroes. Second: All character must be based on a character from the comics (sorry Coulson). Third: Only Earth bound characters since Ultron is an Earth threat (so no Guardians). Fourth: Should have a costume, proto costume, or wardrobe that works as a distinct "outfit" for the character.

Character who originally appear in the Concept Art:
Captain America
Iron Man
Black Widow
Scarlet Witch

Character I have added (in no particular order)
War Machine
Black Panther
Captain Marvel
Winter Soldier
Luke Cage
Jessica Jones
Iron Fist
Colleen Wing
Misty Knight
Ghost Rider
Nick Fury
Doctor Strange

Hopefully I didn't miss one. As I said I may update if better images become available. I would be willing to maybe add Cloak and Dagger or the Fantastic Four, but I'm drawing the line at the X-men, that's just way to many characters to fit in. It's tough not only finding or creating the right image, but finding a logical spot for them in here as well. Still, 22 characters added is pretty impressive.
Iron Fist MCU Concept
I enjoyed Iron Fist season one, no where near as bad as reviewers made it out to be but it still is definitely the weakest of Marvel's Netflix. I'm confident they could turn it around in season two, still I really wished they had some sort of costume. Hell I'd settle for a green jacket. So I thought about how I would design the costume for Netflix, using concept art of Nightwing from Young Justice by Phil Bourassa as a base

I wanted to avoid having him wear a gi or some other classic martial artist outfit since it really wouldn't fit. So I wanted something that invokes it while still matching the aesthetic of the MCU. He has a t-shirt with sleeves ending just passed the elbow, I want to make sure his hand are uncovered for the special effects. The jacket is sleeveless to give the actors free range of movements, I can picture it being something Danny buys from the internet or Melvin Potter could makes it. I left out the logo because if you were going to wear a mask to hide your identity why have an icon that matches a brand you have on your chest? Always bugged me about the character.

The first one has a belt to refer to the kung fu origins, the second is more modern with straps that go around the back to make it more form fitting. The third is a "battle damage" version that calls back to the original comic costume. I picture the situation of him (sans shirt) fighting someone with a blade who cuts his jacket revealing the logo

As for the Mask SPOILERS for season 1... 
The show had a call back to the original mask in the found footage of a previous Iron Fist. You can see it in the show but there's a behind the scene photo the mask looks fantastic and I think that would have been a perfect scene to introduce it. Have Bokuto hand it to Danny stating "It was believed to have belong to an Iron Fist, there's a theory that they would wear masks so that anyone who wasn't aware of Kun Lun would think he was just a bandit." Then Danny would hold on to it until the time was right to full embrace the Iron Fist role. So I wanted to keep the dirty well worn look.


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Hey, since you comment on the previous piece that i made, you might be interested to know i made a new Wolverine conceptual piece. This time it's a showcase the full body :

MCU's X-Men concept - Wolverine (Body shots)
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If you're interested, here my new version of Wolverine both with and without mask (just a conceptual piece): 
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